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APSO Newsletter

Welcome to the "Newsletters" section of APSO-IAPS, your platform for the latest insights and developments in pediatric surgical oncology. As part of our vibrant community, we're excited to extend an open invitation to all our esteemed members to contribute and share their wealth of knowledge and experiences with peers.

Dive into the heart of innovation and progress by submitting:
1. Conference Highlights: Share snapshots and detailed write-ups of your presentations, offering a glimpse into the cutting-edge topics discussed.
2. From the Conference Desk: We welcome messages from chairpersons and secretaries, encapsulating the essence and key takeaways from recent conferences.
3. Travelogues: Narrate your journeys, blending the realms of professional growth with personal experiences.
4. Individual Triumphs: Celebrate your milestones and achievements, inspiring others within our community.
5. Children's Success Stories: Share heartwarming stories of resilience and recovery, showcasing the impact of our collective efforts.
6. Public Awareness and CME Initiatives: Highlight your contributions towards educating the public and medical fraternity about childhood malignancies.
7. Interesting Cases: Present intriguing case studies or presentations that haven't been published in peer-reviewed formats, fostering a learning environment.
8. Clinical Quizzes: Stimulate the minds of postgraduates with challenging clinical images, promoting an interactive learning experience.
9. Historical Vignettes: Unearth and share fascinating historical snippets about pediatric tumors or the luminaries in our field.
10. Laughter Corner: Lighten the mood with original, medically-themed cartoons or jokes because laughter truly is the best medicine.
11. Medicolegal Insights: Discuss pertinent medicolegal issues related to pediatric surgical oncology, enhancing our professional acumen.

Submissions should be concise, not exceeding two typed pages in Times New Roman, font size 12, ensuring originality and adherence to copyright laws. Please send your contributions in Word (.doc or .docx) or PDF format to

Let's come together to enrich our newsletter with diverse perspectives and knowledge, fostering a community that learns, grows, and supports each other in our noble mission to improve the lives of children affected by cancer.

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